About Me

I am a Therapist, Speaker, Author, Educator, CEO and Consultant. I have been a therapist for 20 years. I have had over 32,000 client sessions, taught 67 courses, published two books, wrote dozens of articles, appeared on the local news, consulted with local support groups and companies. I pride myself on being an emphatic, patient and compassionate therapist that approaches my client’s care with optimism, creativity and mutual respect.

I am the CEO of Uram Family Therapy, a psychotherapy practice that specializes in treating ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, parenting challenges, couples and families that are finding it difficult to connect. We have 8 therapists that meet with approximately 120 clients per week at our Newport Beach or Irvine offices or through telehealth.

I wrote “Parenting & Asperger’s” in 2021 to address the needs of Autistic kids that felt misunderstood by their parents. It is a practical guide to some of the unique challenges that parents face. It is currently distributed by Simon and Schuster.

I wrote the “Emotion Journal” for gamers in 2023 to help Minecraft fans journal their emotions in a relaxed and confidential way that also teaches the reader how to connect their emotions to in game situations.

In 2022, I wrote the “Practical Family Therapy” book that was eventually shelved as the publisher went out of business. Hopefully, it will see the light of day eventually. I anticipate releasing the “Adult ADHD Visual Guidebook” written mostly in Microsoft Visio for those that want to learn skills on treating the most common challenges of ADHD without having to read excessive content that can be overwhelming and unnecessary.